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For Zaha Hadid.

Architecture has been assassinated.
Upon hearing the tragic news about Zaha Hadid, I became angry.
When she appeared in the world of architecture thirty years ago, I thought of her as the savior who would revive architecture from its moribund condition.

As an architect, she was fated to bear two handicaps – her culture and her gender – but she turned these into a launching pad for the creation of an image of diffused tension. Instead of the tricolor banner depicted by Delacroix, she raised the flag of architecture and guided us like the figure of a Muse. I cannot believe that figure has vanished. It seemed that her career had just begun. If we assume her creation of design imagery to be an innate talent, the next task is its architectural realization, which has been unexpectedly suspended despite having just begun.

The figure of architecture that she embodied as latent potential has vanished. It is an immeasurable loss.

There had been a plan to realize, several years from now, a glimpse of this imagery on an island nation in the Far East. However, the government of this country, as if preparing for a new war, used the imagery of Zaha Hadid as a trump card to attract people to the Olympic Games, but failed to control the project and discarded it due to a skillful manipulation of the xenophobia of public opinion. Zaha herself, caught up in this opportunistic drama, never compromised her integrity as a professional architect. But her level of anxiety is unimaginable.

It was an assassination of Architecture.
Once again, I become angry.

Arata Isozaki








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